Data Migration

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Data Migration can be performed in literally hours with Uber data migration tool and command line data migration. The tool can transfer every important data relating to products, customers and orders from your old Magento 1 store to your new site on Magento 2 automatically.

Main Features:

  • (NEW) Supports Command-Line Interface (CLI) commands: Allows proceeding migration steps using the command lines in CLI mode, after completing all pre-migration setting steps.
  • (NEW) Support Delta Migration (Incremental changes)
  • (NEW) Migrate all CMS blocks and CMS pages
  • Possibility to migrate multiple times
  • (NEW) Support the PHP Memcached (a high-performance object caching system)
  • Migrate Websites, Stores, Store views (Allow merging default Magento 1 website - including default store of default website & default store view of default store - into existing default Magento 2 website)
  • Migrate Product Attribute Sets, Product Attribute Groups, Product Attributes
  • Migrate Product Categories recursively (full category trees)
  • Migrate Products (Simple Products, Configurable Products, Grouped Products, Virtual Products, Bundle Products, and Downloadable Products)
  • Migrate Customer Groups and Customers
  • Migrate Sales Data: Sales Orders, Sales Quote, Sales Payments, Sales Invoices, Sales Shipments, Sales Credit Memo, Sales Rules & Coupons
  • Migrate Product Reviews, Rating data
  • Automatically convert Product Group Prices to Product Tier Prices
  • Purchased Downloadable Product Links
  • Migrate Tax rules, Tax Zones, and Tax Rates
  • Catalog rules.
  • Email Templates and Newsletter Data: Email Templates, Newsletter Templates, Newsletter Queue, Newsletter Subscribers, Newsletter Problem Reports
  • Migrate System Increment IDs
  • Port important fields in Categories and Products, including meta description, page title, Url key, Url Rewrites. So your category and product pages SEO optimization remains reserved in Magento 2 once the migration process completes.
  • Work seamlessly in both Nginx and Apache web servers.


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